Management of weight regain after surgery

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Bariatric surgery patients, after satisfactory weight reduction may regain weight if they go back to bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Other causes may be equally important factors for regaining weight, for instance, craving for sweets or fattening foods in general, excessive consumption of alcohol, increase in the diameter of the gastrojejunal anastomosis and the length of the gastric pouch. Weight regain may happen after satisfactory loss of excess weight or even before that if treatment in itself does not have its desired impact, bringing about inadequate weight loss. This procedure is seen, however numerous patients don't look for assistance from the attending staff for many reasons, among them feeling of failure at the chance for effective weight loss so expected with the operation, which then becomes a nightmare.

  • Food Tolerance
  • Drivers to Eat
  • Errors in Estimating Intake
  • Food and Beverage Choices

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